Meet some of the couples interviewed

Lynne and Paul, Married 26 years

“There are things that we all bring into a relationship. I won’t say “baggage,” but it’s your “stuff” that you’ve accumulated over the course of your life. And you have expectations for your life: For your career and for your love…whatever. You have an idea of what you think those things are or what those things should be. But then you realize that it’s not just about you. You have this other person to deal with now too. And this person comes with his or her own expectations about life and love. So how do you negotiate that? I’ll just say it: relationships are difficult! We are different animals. And not just male and female. There are fundamental differences in all people because we are all coming from somewhere else. So you have to be willing to work and listen and understand.” 

Hilary and JM, Married 7 years

“We just accept each other for who we are and focus on all the good in our relationship. As weird and uncomfortable as things sometimes get, the good stuff is so much bigger and better than the bad stuff could ever be. We focus on the good stuff so the bad stuff never becomes big. We move on.”

Eleanor and Gordon, Married 56 years

“You grow and develop separately…it’s inevitable. Maybe every five or ten years, people need to check in with one another. Assess where they are going and if they’re going along together because you make some vows you know? Sometimes it might be good to look them over once and a while.”